Monday, February 25, 2008


MBPJ - Sang Penyu mempamirkan aksi yang bertenaga dilewat permainan untuk merampas 3 mata penuh daripada UPB/MyTeam.Glession Freire muncul wira Terengganu apabila menjaringkan 2 gol pada minit 83 dan 87 yang sama sekali mengamamkan pasukan UPB/MyTeam yang hanya menanti tiupan wisel penamat bagi memungut satu mata. Sebelum itu, UPB/MyTeam membuka tirai gol seawal minit ke 10 permainan.Gol yang berpunca daripada sepakan sudut itu dapat dijaringkan oleh pemain UPB/MyTeam setelah kelam kabut dalam kawasan kotak penalti Terengganu.Namun selang dua minit selepas itu, Terengganu dihadiahkan sepakan penalti setelah Glession Freire dijatuhkan dalam kotak penalti.Kapten pasukan dalam perlawanan semalam, Zairo Anuar Zalani tenang menyudahkan peluang tersebut untuk menyamakan kedudukan.Kedua-dua mempamirkan permainan yang hambar.Tidak banyak gerakan menarik yang terhasil.
Mutu pengadilan yang lemah menyaksikan 6 kad kuning dan 1 kad merah dilayangkan kepada pemain-pemain Terengganu dan 1 kad kuning dilayangkan kepada pasukan UPB/MyTeam sedangkan kekasaran lebih banyak dilakukan oleh pemain UPB/MyTeam.
Kemasukkan Norhisham Hassan bagi mengantikan Jocian Bento seolah-olah memberi nafas baru dan kemasukkannya melancarkan gerakan tengah yang mana Zairo kembali mengemudikan gerakan-gerakan menarik sambil dibantu oleh Norhisham.Barulah Terengganu nampak berbahaya dalam menggerakkan jentera serangan memburu gol.
Gol kedua Terengganu terhasil apabila gerakan Abdul Manaf Mamat yang melorongkan bola kepada Glession tidak dipersiakan oleh pemain import Terengganu dari Brazil itu untuk menghukum penjaga gol kebangsaan Syed Adney Syed Hussin.Glession Freire terus mengganas dan memaksa Syed Adney sekali lagi mengutip bola dalam gawang sendiri apabila gerakan solonya menghasilkan gol ketiga Terengganu sekaligus gol kemenangan Sang Penyu.
Dengan kemenangan ini, Terengganu melonjak ke tangga kelima mengatasi Negeri Sembilan NAZA.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Terengganu VS Perak - Match Report

Terengganu failed to get full points from their home encounter with Perak last night, no thanks largely to the most inept match officials to officiate in Kuala Terengganu this season. The 1-1 scoreline did reflect what transpired through the match with neither side able to really grab control of the proceedings.

But the performance of the match officials certainly did not help especially when the linesman failed to detect an open stud challenge on left-back Mohd Shahrul Ezrain which happened right in front of him. What anger many fans that the loose ball eventually found its way to Mohd Razali Omar, whose low shot caught Mohd Sharbinee Allawee wrong footed in the Terengganu goal.

Terengganu had gone ahead four minutes earlier when midfielder Mohd Ashaari Shamsuddin glanced the ball past Hamsani Hassan at the near post from a corner taken by skipper for the night, Zairo Anwar Zailani. It was the midfielder’s fifth goal of the current league campaign.

The home side created a number of chances. In the 12th minute Mohd Ismail Faruqi found himself unmarked at the far post from a corner but only able to put it just over the bar. Two minutes later Jocian Bento Dos Anjos made a space for himself but much to his dismay it went straight to the goalkeeper who made a comfortable save. In the 21st minute Gleisson Freire went close with a header from a free-kick but it went just wide.

The big Brazillian had another chance in the 25th minute after a lucky bounce put him through. He beat a defender on the left but with the support not forthcoming in the middle, he decided to try his luck which. This time the angle was too acute and his effort hit the side netting. Then Abdul Manaf Mamat found an opening after a good work by Dos Anjos but he could not capitalise on it. Zairo also tried his luck from distance but his effort went far off the mark.

The first moment of controversy arrived on the 28th minute after Ashaari’s pass put Gleisson clear. As he entered the box a Perak defender brought him down while attempting a tackle but the referee waved play on. The crowd were aghast and play became a bit robust after that incident.

Hamsani continued to deny Terengganu players from finding the back of the net with Ashaari and Dos Anjos coming close but the goalkeeper saved their efforts. However, he could no nothing to stop Ashaari’s effort at the near post from going past him in the 39th minute.

The visitors were stung into action but the back-line of Fabio Flor, Durahim Jamaluddin, Mohd Mohaimeen and Shahrul Ezrain was able to hold the Perak at bay. That was until an opened stud tackle on Ezrain went unpunished by the officials. Despite their best effort, Terengganu were not able to prevent their goal from being breached.

As the whistle was blown by the referee, Ezrain could clearly be seen talking to the linesman who was just a few feet away from the open stud incident, but as usual in Malaysian football the complain would fell on deaf ears.

The match fizzled out in the second half with the best chance for Terengganu came in the 54th minute when Gleisson broke free on the left. His pass found Abdul Manaf whose low attempt was too hot to handle by the goalkeeper. Ashaari had the chance to add to his tally that night but the lack of composure in front of goal saw the ball bounced off his knee and wide of the Perak goal mouth.

Perak too had their chance when a long range free kick by Mohd Hardi Jaafar in the 83rd minute hit the underside of the bar and bounce back into play with Sharbinee completely beaten.

Throughout the match Perak players, perhaps sensing a weak referee in the middle of the pitch tried to waste as much time as possible with some of them resorting to faking injuries that if they are chasing the game would see them immediately springing up to their feet.

The ‘smartest’ of them then complained that his safety was compromised when taking corners. Instead of ordering the player to get on with the game, the referee instead stopped the match and request FRU personnels to be placed near the section. All this delay was timed to have taken approximately six minutes of the playing time.

When play resumed, Gleisson got through into the box. Hamsani came out and they collided which then saw the goalkeeper rolling around as if his legs would require immediate amputation. The lengthy treatment add another couple of minutes to the time.

However, the referee blew the whistle in the 96th minute much to the surprise of the Terengganu players and fans who thought the referee would have the ‘brain’ to add to the time.

It was quite some time before they realised that they were dealing with a Malaysian referee.

Terengganu remained in sixth place and perhaps could bid farewell to their ambition of becoming Super League Champions for the first time this season, unless coach Yunus Alif could come up with a smart plan to make it otherwise.